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Dr. Stanley Monteith, MD, interviews W. G. Miller, author of "How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema" on his nationally syndicated radio talk show, Radio Liberty.



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Failure of Conventional Emphysema Treatments

copd and doctor

What is COPD?

For those of you who do not know, COPD is an acronym that stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) COPD is actually an umbrella term that includes emphysema, chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis. I have seen some lists that leave out bronchiectasis and add asthma.

My mother was diagnosed with emphysema and COPD in 2003. Signs of the disease were not yet present however, conventional emphysema treatments were added to her daily regimen purportedly to slow the progress of the disease by masking its symptoms.

I had worked in a hospital years earlier and remembered the emphysema patients. I remembered their slow but steady decline until, eventually, they were no longer being admitted. I assumed correctly that they had succumbed to the disease.

Over the next 2 and a half years I made certain that my mother took every prescribed medication, performed every nebulizer treatment and attended every scheduled Pulmonary Rehab session.

She had quit smoking yet this disease continued progressing. I understood that smoking had caused the emphysema. What I did not understand was why this disease was progressing so long after my mother had quit smoking. I asked her Pulmonary Spceialist what was causing this progression. He told me that they simply did not know why emphysema progressed so long after smoking cessation. He said it was a mystery!

Not knowing any better, I set out to solve this mystery. My degree is in engineering and in engineering when something is removed from the equation, it is no longer a factor in the outcome. Therefore, smoking could not be causing the progression of my mother's emphysema since she no longer smoked. It had to be something else. It had to be some sort of living organism since it seemed to be proliferating in my mother's lungs.

The medical industry seemed very good at measuring and testing everything. They were able to quantify everything, they just never had any answers or solutions.

I watched my mother slowly decline over these 2 and a half years. She continued the conventional emphysema treatments which did provide temporary relief from the primary symptoms of emphysema. The problem was that once these drugs wore off, she was right back where she started before taking the drug. Not one of these conventional emphysema treatments provided any lasting improvement in my mother's condition!

I realized that if my mother was going to survive this disease we would have to find our own solutions. The conventional emphysema treatments being utilized by the medical industry would obviously not provide any actual improvement. We would need to rely on them for temporary relief from the debilitating symptoms but not for anything else.

While I continued researching my mother continued deteriorating. After the entire 2 and a half years under the care of the medical industry she had deteriorated down to "End Stage Emphysema" or "Stage IV." Their conventional emphysema treatments were providing no lasting improvements.

She weighed only 77 pounds down from her normal 103 pounds. She required 4 liters of supplemental oxygen 24/7. She could only eat about a cup of food or she would complain that she couldn't breathe. I had watched her meal size decline over this time period and made a mental note of this fact. It would prove relevant later on. She could only sleep about an hour at a time before waking in the middle of an exacerbation ("shortness of breath").

In this latter stage of the disease I was shocked to see these conventional emphysema treatments stop working! Once by one they stopped providing the temporary relief they had provided in the beginning. First was the albuterol sulfate int he nebulizer. I called her doctor and he switched her to DuoNeb which is albuterol sulfate with Ipratropium Bromide.

Next was Spiriva. My mother said it wasn't doing anything any more and she refused to use it. My mother's Pulmonary Specialist told her to swallow after doing the treatment. This seemed to work for a few more weeks but also eventually stopped providing the temporary relief.


Spiriva also contains Ipratropium Bromide. I knew there were problems associated with these drugs as they have a tendency to cause bromide toxicity. Naturally, her doctor never mentioned this potential problem.

The next conventional emphysema treatment that stopped working was Advair. I had read an article by Morgan Lord in the May 14, 2009 Edition of Men's Health magazine naming the 8 medications that doctors prescribe for their patients but would not take even if they were presented with the same medical issues. Advair was one of the 8. (8 Drugs Doctors Would Never Take) The disappointing part of this article is they consult a guy with a doctorate in pharmacology who recommends a corticosteroid as a new and better strategy. I disagree!

The Combivent rescue inhaler had been a life-saver for acute exacerbations. One inhaler would last at least 2 or 3 weeks. Now, in End Stage, it lasted only a few hours since it was no longer prividing the temporary relief from symptoms it once had provided.

During the entire 2 and a half years since my mother's diagnosis, her Primary Care Physician and her Pulmonary Specialist scheduled her appointments every 3 months. Now, in End Stage, they began scheduling her every 6 months! This is at a desperate time when she needed more help than ever! I eventually realized the reason her doctors were not upset and frantic like I was. It was because my mother was dying right on schedule. Their tests indicated that she would be dead before the next appointment!


If you are still trusting the medical industry I understand. I did the same thing at the beginning. Once I saw them fail miserably I stopped trusting them and their advice. They wanted my mother to shut up and die like everyone else with this disease. They tried laying a heavy guilt trip on her for smoking cigarettes. They were not trying to make her feel better. It seemed more like they were trying to eliminate any liability they might incur. I was shocked and furious at how they treated my dying mother but it only served to strengthen my resolve and accelerate my research efforts.

My research eventually spanned more than 4 and a half years and totaled more than 6500 hours compiling more than 30,000 pages of information. You will be shocked at what I uncovered and relieved to see there are alternative solutions to the problem of emphysema disease progression.


I found researchers who had uncovered alternative and natural cures for diseases they were studying that did not have side-effects. I was surprised and disappointed that their research findings had been ignored by pharmaceutical industry-controlled mainstream media and the medical industry.

I found a practicing MD who developed an 8-step cure for allergies and asthma and was subsequently ignored by his colleagues (all the other MDs) who still prescribe medications for these illnesses which must be taken every day by their patients!

I eventually realized that the progression of emphysema and other COPD related diseases, must be the result of a pathogen entering the lungs through smoking. Even after smoking cessation this pathogen is still present and will still cause problems years, even decades later. Ever known someone who quit smoking and was subsequently diagnosed 20 or more years later with emphysema? I believe this is the result of the presence and proliferation of this pathogen!

Whether you like what I am saying or not, you have to agree that it is logical in the purest sense of the word and what the medical industry is claiming is not! If you're not convinced yet, read on! The progression of this disease is no longer a mystery, in my opinion!



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