COPD Progression Hypothesis

After observing my mother struggle with emphysema on a daily basis for more than 4 years, I developed my own hypothesis as to what this disease actually was and exactly why it was progressing. I believe that it is for this reason that the alternative treatments I found stopped the progression of my mother’s COPD. Specific supplements were used, each with their own specific purpose in reversing this disease. Following is my detailed hypothesis.

What Actually Causes COPD?

My mother quit smoking shortly after her diagnosis. Two and a half years later, without smoking even one cigarette, she was nearing End Stage Emphysema. This disease had progressed from unnoticeable to completely debilitating without one single cigarette being smoked!

I asked the doctor.“What is causing the COPD progression?”

His reply shocked me. He said that they (the medical industry) did not know why COPD continued progressing long after smoking cessation. He said it was a mystery.

Hypothesis Describing the Cause of the Progression of COPD

To me, with my engineering background, it seemed like something was growing or proliferating in her lungs. It must be an unknown pathogen that was in the tobacco. I found out that blue mold is a problem for tobacco growers during the growing season and when curing the tobacco. If blue mold is a known problem, then it is possible, and even probable, that there are other molds and/or fungi growing on the tobacco that has not been discovered yet.

What if some of the tobacco leaves containing blue mold make it to the processing plant and are ground up and rolled into cigarettes. You light the end of the cigarette which destroys the mold spores in the burning tobacco but you then inhale the smoke through the remaining unlit tobacco in the cigarette, thereby inhaling the mold spores present on the unlit tobacco into your lungs.

That is like planting a garden in that these mold spores are planted into your lungs where they then begin growing a colony.

What if there are also fungi growing on the tobacco along with the blue mold and those are the spores that are planted in your lungs? Let’s face it. You are planting mold or fungus in a warm, moist environment (your lungs) with a fantastic blood supply that is easily accessible through the alveoli.

I firmly believe that this is the cause of the progression of COPD. I think this mold or fungus is planting itself in your lungs and growing and proliferating whether you continue smoking or not. Leonard Nimoy died from COPD in 2015, 29 years after quitting smoking and he had the best medical care money can buy. Unfortunately, they just don't offer anything that will truly help.

Continuing with my hypothesis, I believe that as this mold or fungus proliferates, it takes up more and more of the patient’s lung volume. The body senses this and as an adaptation to this reduced lung volume, it distends the lungs. Over time the mold or fungus proliferates into those areas and the body again attempts an adaptation maneuver and distends the lungs even further.

This back and forth of the pathogen proliferating and occupying more and more of the patient’s lung volume and the body adapting by distending the lungs, occurs sometimes for decades until the distended lungs begin crowding the stomach. The doctors report this condition as “Barrel Chest.” The patient’s lungs have distended so far that their chest takes on a barrel shape and is noticeably distended.

This is generally around the time that the doctor writes in the patient’s medical record, “End Stage Emphysema” or “Stage IV COPD.” When I got a copy of my mother’s medical record I saw the entry, “End Stage Emphysema.” I knew there was no stage after “end” stage so I knew we did not have much time to solve this big mystery.

As COPD continues progressing, the patient’s meal size begins shrinking until it decreases all the way down to about a cup of food. Eventually, these patient’s lungs have distended so far into their stomach they cannot eat enough food for survival and they starve to death. The cause of death in this case is generally recorded heart failure.

I don't know if you believe in God but I certainly do! I firmly believe He assisted me in finding the 30,000 pages of information that I downloaded and I also believe that He helped me find the 700 pages that contained all the information I needed for a complete reversal of my mother’s emphysema. That is what I asked Him for and that is exactly what He delivered.

I would lay down at 10 or 11 pm exhausted from a long day. After 15 or 20 minutes of rest I would get up wide awake and research alternative treatments for COPD all night. At 6 or 7 am my mother would wake up. I would get her some coffee and breakfast and afterwards I would lay down for 4 hours. At 11 am I was back up getting lunch ready. I did this for a year and a half straight without a break. I have no idea where that energy came from other than God. It was during that time when I realized that God hears all prayers.

Stopping the Pathogen From Proliferating

I knew that if my hypothesis was correct I needed a way of stopping this unknown pathogen, that had been on the tobacco leaves, from proliferating further.This may seem like a stretch based on the small amount of information I was going on but I was truly desperate at this time. My mother weighed only 77 pounds, could only eat about a cup of food at each meal, could only sleep for about an hour before waking in an exacerbation (shortness of breath) and was gasping for air most of the time while on 4 liters of continuous supplemental oxygen.

I found a Microbiologist and Cancer Researcher at the University of Nevada School of Medicine who was using a restrictive diet in his cancer research that starved cancer cells. Dr. Hunter explained that cancer had more than 90 receptors for sugar on each cell and this diet would remove the systemic sugar that was feeding these cancer cells. Dr. Hunter had been successfully using this diet in his research for more than 15 years.

Realizing my mother did not have much time left, I immediately put her and I on Dr. Hunter's restrictive diet. This restrictive diet is very difficult however, if your life is on the line it becomes infinitely easier.

It took about 10 days for us to completely transition to Dr. Hunter's restrictive diet. Two weeks after the transition period I noticed the first visible signs of improvement since my mother’s diagnosis more than two and a half years earlier! I was amazed even though it verified my hypothesis. This restrictive diet was actually starving whatever pathogen this was, just like Dr. Hunter said it did to cancer.

6 Protocols For Reversing COPD

I developed the following protocols to reverse my mother's COPD: 1. Restore her immune system. 2. Return her body to optimal health. 3. Amplify the immune response. 4. Remove the protective protein covering on all pathogenic cells in the body making them easier for the immune cells to find and kill. 5. Combat the two primary symptoms of COPD which are inflammation and excess mucus production. 6. Attack and kill the pathogenic cells directly.

If you read the Conventional Treatments page you see that I am not opposed to taking the prescribed medications. On the contrary. They provide temporary relief from the symptoms of COPD when nothing else will. The thing I realized was that since these medications are only providing temporary relief from the primary symptoms of COPD and since COPD is a terminal or “progressive” disease, alternative treatments must be utilized or the patient will not survive, period! Pure logic even though it is a little harsh.

In my research I realized there were supplements that would perform each of the steps necessary for reversing my mother's emphysema and COPD. I also realized there was a large number of manufacturers for each one and a wide price and quality range for each one as well. I found independent research which provided the data I needed for determining which supplements in each category were the most effective, had the highest absorption levels, etc.

As I added these supplements one at a time to my mother’s daily regimen, I noticed her slow but steady improvement. It was so slow that I found it necessary to record details of how she felt, how she acted, how coherent she was, what she ate, how much she ate, her mood and how much she slept. I could then back up a few months in the journal and find writings from previous months that made it obvious she was still improving. Maybe 3 or 4 months earlier she was on 3 liters of supplemental oxygen and now she is only on 2. It just seems like it was so long ago you forgot about that permanent improvement from 3 liters to 2.

The reason for the glacially slow improvements is that this is actual healing. There is no temporary 'symptom masking' like with the prescribed medications. These improvements are slow in arriving but are permanent once they finally get here! We worked through each of the 6 protocols and after 17 months of daily restrictive diet and specific supplements, my mother had completely recovered from her COPD! She had regained all of her lost weight! She no longer needed any supplemental oxygen and could sleep through the night without waking! She could eat a full plate of food and often times, quite a bit more than that.

I have had lots of people ask what the medical tests showed after she recovered but the simple fact was that we no longer trusted the medical industry and did not want any tests that might endanger her health any further like radiation from an xray or ct scan. No thanks! Since I had no intention of writing a book, I did not need any proof that these protocols worked and did, in fact, reverse emphysema. Even if I intended on writing a book about my mother's recovery, I would not have let them irradiate her with unnecessary xrays just for proof.

Cannabis Oil for Treating COPD

I have heard many claims of the miraculous healing of people with COPD who treated their disease with cannabis oil. I am not doubting that cannabis oil may improve a COPD patient’s condition, I do not believe that it can restore the immune system, restore the body to optimal health, amplify the immune response, remove the protective protein covering on all pathogenic cells, or attack and kill the pathogenic cells directly. Since I believe these 5 protocols are necessary to reverse this disease I do not believe cannabis oil can reverse COPD.

I do think there may be various substances that relax airways or reduce congestion or inflammation or that may address the two primary symptoms of COPD, inflammation and excess mucus production. I don't doubt that cannabis oil may do one, or even a few of these recovery protocols.

Since there are other supplements that take care of these two primary symptoms of COPD very well, I see no reason for including cannabis oil in your alternative treatment arsenal at this time. I am interested in seeing someone explain what cannabis oil is doing biochemically and which symptoms are being alleviated with cannabis oil. Certainly, more research is needed and some actual biochemical explanations developed that detail what improvements are occuring from cannabis oil use and what exactly cannabis oil is doing biochemically that causes these improvements. I sincerely hope they come out with some real data very soon. I do believe there is promise with cannabis oil.

Herbal Claims with No Substantiation

On my Facebook pages I continually get people using many different aliases claiming there is some doctor in South Africa that has an herbal formula that they took and a few weeks later their COPD was cured. After checking, I am fairly sure all these claims are being made by the same person using different aliases since all the messages are in the exact same format.

They always post a very similar message making it obvious it is the same person posting the messages. I do not believe there is any validity to these claims. I contacted one of these so-called doctors in South Africa. He wanted $150 for samples. I inquired as to the contents of the sample and he would not tell me. I let him know I would not take something unless I knew what it was. He stopped communication at that time. I have not heard from him since. I would advise staying away from these witch doctors.

Treating COPD with Hydrogen Peroxide

I have read a number of compelling articles claiming hydrogen peroxide therapy has cured cancer. I even know of a friend of a friend who had skin cancer and cured it using this therapy. I do not doubt that it might help COPD patients. Here again I sincerely hope more research is done on this therapy with a focus on COPD patients. I have even heard of some people using hydrogen peroxide in their nebulizer but no convincing evidence exists at the time of this writing that would imply this is an effective treatment for COPD.

Retinoic Acid Treatment for COPD

Ten or 15 years ago I read about some research done on mice using retinoic acid. It sounded so promising. It was completely eradicating the disease in mice. I was so excited when I read it that I searched for follow up research everywhere I could think of and never found any additional information. To-date I have never found any followup research verifying and expanding upon these amazing preliminary findings.

It seems like something really strange is going on here. Why would they report such promise from the initial research and then not have any new data? Are the pharmaceutical companies paying these researchers off? I hope not! Anyway, I hope I see more information from these researchers and the potential of using retinoic acid as an effective COPD treatment in the near future.

COPD Stem Cell Research

I think stem cell research has a very high potential for an effective treatment for curing COPD. To my knowledge, no significant data exists at this time but I look forward to future publication of results based stem cell research on COPD. I think this is an area of research with lots of promise.

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