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Before I explain what the COPD Focus Group is, let me explain how it evolved into the group it is today. I initially started a group on Facebook called COPD Treatments. This was after completing more than 6500 hours of alternative COPD research over a 4 and a half year period searching for answers to this big mystery of what was causing the progression of COPD? It was known that COPD continued progressing even if the patient quit smoking. I eventually figured out what I believe to be the cause of the progression of COPD.

After I realized the drugs prescribed for COPD did not cure the disease or even stop its progress, I knew thousands, if not millions, of people would search for alternative COPD treatments hoping they could find something that worked.

Since I had used alternative treatments in the form of a restrictive diet and numerous supplements in reversing my mother’s emphysema, I thought this group would provide a platform for discussion with prospective customers for the book. I avoided any legal issues by writing the book as a story about my mother’s struggles with and eventual triumph over this horrible disease, COPD.

After about a year I had over 2000 people in the group and it made one-on-one contact very difficult. I also had a number of members who disagreed with me and expected more of a debate environment where people would debate the eficacy of various alternative treatments. This, of course, was not what I had in mind when I started the group.

I already knew of some specific alternative COPD treatments that absolutely did work! I had seen them work with my mother. I was not interested in making the group a forum where we introduce alternative COPD treatments that may some day provide a way of stopping COPD progression.

I promptly removed anyone who was speaking against the alternative COPD treatments I already knew worked. I wanted this group as a platform where I could announce the great news, THERE IS A WAY OF REVERSING COPD!

There was a small group of people who understood my hypothesis that described the progression of COPD and understood why the alternative treatments I used in reversing my mother’s emphysema had worked. They requested I start a small private group where everyone was using the high quality supplements offered by Optimal Health Protocols and following the protocols that reversed my mother’s emphysema.

They asked me if I would start that group and do presentations that would help them work through the details of the recovery process. They wanted a forum where they could get their questions answered immediately so they could stay on track. They essentially asked if I would walk them through the entire recovery process exactly as I had provided it to my mother.

COPD Focus Group Membership Benefits

A few months later I began the COPD Focus Group. I started this group with two main goals in mind. First, provide one-on-one assistance to the members as they progress through to a complete recovery from COPD.

Second, obtain the testimonials both written and video, that will prove to the world, once and for all, that these protocols work and actually reverse COPD completely. I want proof that the hypothesis I developed is valid and describes the cause of the progression of COPD and its family of diseases (chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchiectasis, and asthma).

Focus groups are kept to a maximum of 10 people, meet once a week for 60 to 90 minutes for a presentation and a question and answer period. Since the group is private, no one outside the group can see who the members are or what they are saying. Recently the Focus Group spent 2 weeks learning the formula for calculating their own BODE Index score including MRC Dyspnea, 6 Minute Walk Test, BMI and FEV1. As the members’ BODE Index scores drop, they get closer and closer to complete recovery. When your BODE Index score reaches “0”, there is no sign of COPD.

Requirements for Participation in Our Next COPD Focus Group

1. You must own the book, “How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema”, have read it and have a strong interest in following the protocols detailed in the book.

2. You must obtain your supplements from us each month through our Focus Group subscription that lasts for 6 consecutive months.

3. You must provide us with a 3 minute testimonial video upon complete recovery from COPD. You must approve your video for publication on our Testimonial page of our web site.

4. Upon complete recovery you agree you will spend some time helping others still working on their recovery in the Focus Groups.

5. Upon complete recovery you agree you will appear on television shows and discuss your complete recovery in interview format. (All expenses are covered for you including travel.)

We will not rest until everyone suffering with COPD knows there is a way of reversing this disease. The supplements I used for my mother each have a specific biochemical purpose in reversing COPD and its family of diseases.

What the Focus Groups Have Evolved Into

The COPD Focus Groups have evolved over time as everything does. What I have noticed is that the members get to know one another quite well. The enemy of my enemy is my ally and they are all fighting a common enemy, COPD. I notice they share personal issues in the private group that they would never share in the large 2000+ COPD Treatments group on Facebook. We are exploring other platforms for our group meetings such as Google Hangouts and a few others.

What Members Are Saying About the COPD Focus Group

"I like the one-on-one. If I need help the help is there."

"I've never learned so much about health and the body in my life. It is quite interesting."

"When he makes a statement he backs it up with the research so we can read it for ourselves if we wish."

"His approach for this disease makes perfect sense. I have been getting better since the day I started in this group."

"I really like being in a small group where I know everyone. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I am starting to understand everything that's been going on with my health. It's not a mystery any more."

"Well, the proof is in the pudding and I have been getting well since I got in this group. These supplements and this diet actually work and they work well. To me this is amazing! I feel like I got my life back."

Securing You Spot in Our Next COPD Focus Group

If you are ready to become a member of one of our COPD Focus Groups please follow the link below.


If you are interested but still have some questions, please send an email message to my email address with "COPD FOCUS GROUP" in the subject line. My email address is:

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