Some of the COPD Patients Who Have Recovered

Michael's Amazing 5-Minute COPD Recovery Testimonial Video


"You have described my mother in your story and I would like the name of the book so we can begin changing the path she is heading down.

Thanks and I hope your mother is doing well!"


Because of your books info I do take Nordic Naturals Omega 3 oil daily.

I don't take NAC because I don't have mucus or cough.

Before your book I wheezed all the time even on all the medication. Now I don't wheeze.

Thanks again,"

"Hi Greg:

It's been more than 6 months since I sent you the last email. I just noticed where you put one of my emails as a testimonial on your site but changed my name and city....thanks. Because of my business I don't like people to know about my COPD.

Greg, if we met you would have no idea that I have emphysema! I do everything, ideally without going up stairs. Yes I still have is not cured but the symptoms have diminished to the point that I have my life back.

When I went to my pulmonary Dr. in September he was shocked. In fact he wanted to do a lung function test to see what was going on. Since that test would cost me $300.00 I told him no.

I have gone back to using Serevent and Flovent (advair) . I started getting a lot of wheezing and that seemed to cure it, any cures for that? I use albutreol once in the morning, I use to use it 5-6 times a day. I have lost 20 pounds and walk 1 hour a day.

I take a good vitamin, Dr. Ohirras Probiotics, a bunch of vitamin C. and I rotate between oreganoil, caprylic acid and garlic. I watch my diet but do not stick to the limited diet that I started with. I do go on the strict diet when I feel that my breathing gets a little labored.

I really wish there was a way I could get your information out to more people in my area (Nashville). I would really like to be able to help some of the people that feel there is no help for their disease.

One more thing if you remember in Sept. 2008 my doctor said I needed to be on oxygen 24/7 or be on Predisone every day. I was hoping to live another 2-3 years. Now that I am breathing again I feel like I can live forever.
Thanks again"
Dave B.


Well, I have been off of serevent and flovent (the 2 meds in advair) and spiriva ( for copd) for 48 hours now. I still carry my aluterol and have only used it once a day for 3 days now. I used to use albuterol 5 - 6 times a day.

On July 15th my PH was 5.4 today it is 6.6 so that is coming along nicely.

30 days ago my wife was looking at a lift for me to go up the stairs. When I went to a store like the grocery or wal-mart, etc. I always used a cart, it was my invisible walker. For the last few days I DO NOT use a cart to walk all over the stores!

This is unreal I feel like I have gone back 10 years. I go to my pulmonary Dr. in seven weeks for a routine visit, boy will he be surprised. I wonder how he will react.
Thanks again for your book"
John R.

Diane Rothery After COPD Recovery

Diane Rothery after COPD recovery.


About a year ago I was diagnosed with COPD and told that I would never get better but would slowly decline until I was on oxygen 24 hours a day. I had been hospitalized twice in the prior 45 days and could barely make it from my bed to the bathroom.

I am only 54 years old! I was sinking into a deep depression and having panic attacks reading all the doom and gloom medical information on the internet put out by medical "professionals".

Thank God I came across your blog and ordered your book! Your book was the start of a journey of recovery for me. I immediately made the dietary changes you recommended; eliminating sugar and carbohydrates that were quickly turned into sugar. I immediately started on the NAC and several other recommended supplements.

The biggest thing and hardest thing was I put down the cigarettes and never picked them up again! It wasn't a fast journey nor an uneventful one as my immune system was very weakened from all the antibiotics and steroids that I had taken while hospitalized. It seemed like every time I would make huge strides forward, something would set me back.

Your book was more important than you could ever know. It gave me HOPE and a game plan to follow. I knew that there was something I was missing so I started working with a wonderful naturopathic doctor here and we found out that I am allergic to both dairy and wheat gluten. She says that that isn't uncommon as alot of time those two are connected.

Every time I went to see my MD, he would give me a new drug...first it was Spiriva then Daliresp. By this point I started having non-stop panic attacks for which my GP gave me Zoloft...which only heightened the panic attacks! I went to the internet and looked up the side ffects of Daliresp and sure enough, anxiety attacks were one of the side effects!

I had specifically asked my pulmonologist what if any side effects that drug could have and he told me that people often lost weight when taking it so it fit into my diet plan. I quit taking both the zoloft and the Daliresp and voila, no more panic attacks!

I asked my pulmonologist to refer me to a pulmonary rehab program so I could start getting stronger...he said I didn't need one. So I looked up a pulmonary rehab program out of Australia, purchased a used treadmill and recumbent bike with a basic weight set and started the "Aussie" program.

My life has retuned to a beautiful normal. I can breath, I work out in my home gym three times a week and at my local YMCA three days which includes heavy cardio, weight lifting and swimming!

It all started with you threw me a lifeline and I held on for dear life! I don't have the words to tell you thank you enough."

Diane R.

What Members Are Saying About the COPD Focus Group

I asked the members of the COPD Focus Group what they would tell someone that was thinking about becoming a member. Here is what they said.

"I like the one-on-one. If I need help the help is there."

"I've never learned so much about health and the body in my life. It is quite interesting."

"When he makes a statement he backs it up with the research so we can read it for ourselves if we wish."

"His approach for this disease makes perfect sense. I have been getting better since the day I started in this group."

"I really like being in a small group where I know everyone. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I am starting to understand everything that's been going on with my health. It's not a mystery any more."

"Well, the proof is in the pudding and I have been getting well since I got in this group. These supplements and this diet actually work and they work well. To me this is amazing! I feel like I got my life back."

Why There Are Not More Testimonials

I have many additional testimonials however, most of them do not want their name or picture posted. I found out what was going on. It seems there were a few "Internet Trolls" that had infiltrated our group on Facebook.

People would get started on the alternative treatments in the book, start improving and let everyone in the group know of their improvements. They would then suddenly disappear. I found out why.

Internet trolls were harassing them. There was only one Internet Troll however, she had 3 other aliases. She had joined my group on Facebook under at least 3 different names, one of which was her dog's name.

It appears that Darlene Sprecht Brehm (a.k.a. Darlene Beeker, a.k.a. Sarah A.) would contact them and tell them if they did not say something negative about me or the book she would disclose personal information about them. The reason I knew the different names were aliases was they all had the same language skills, or lack thereof, and their Facebook pages were identical.

One woman who was forced to go on disability and food stamps because of the severity of her COPD had been on the alternative treatments for close to a year. She was happily reporting that she was so much better that she was returning to work.

When Darlene threatened to expose the fact that she had been on disability and food stamps she left the group suddenly never to be heard from again. This was a proud woman that had worked hard all her life.

One gentleman, who is currently (May 2016) in our COPD Focus Group, told me of the harrassment from Darlene. She told him that isf he did not say something bad about me or the book in the Facebook group she would disclose personal information about him. He called her bluff but she could not find anything bad that she could post about him so her only option was to harrass him on Amazon after he left a good review of the book.

I am certain that God will take care of this woman in the proper way.

So, there is no need to ask where the rest of the testimonials are. Once we demonstrate through our COPD Focus Group that these alternative methods reverse COPD, everyone with the disease will use them whether Darlene harrasses them or not!

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