Welcome to our ordering page for books and supplements. Our supplement packages have changed and are greatly improved and simplified. There are a few additional supplements you will need in addition to the ones found in our packages. That short list is provided with all supplement orders. We also provide links to the best places for purchasing these additional products.

Interested in becoming a member of one of our COPD Focus Groups? Click the link or scroll to the bottom of the page. Signup includes 6 months of supplements with a one month supply shipped each month, exclusive membership in our private COPD Focus Group, One-on-one access to the author via weekly group sessions.

How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema

How I Reversed My Moms Emphysema

Paperback - $27.95

Electronic (PDF) - $19.95

Both Paperback and Electronic - $37.95


Also Available on Amazon and in Amazon Kindle format.

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The New Menu That Began My Mother’s Recovery from COPD & Emphysema – ENHANCED

*NOTE: This book is contained within the above book, How I Reversed My Mom’s Emphysema.

New Menu for COPD - paperback book

Paperback - $19.95


Electronic (PDF) - $9.95


Both Paperback and Electronic - $27.95


Also Available on Amazon and Kindle

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Our research has revealed the following supplements as the highest quality and most effective available in each respective category. We have matched or beaten every price on Amazon. Where manufacturers adhere to a minimum selling price, we always match it making our supplement packages the highest quality available at the lowest possible prices!

What Supplements are in the Packages?

• The highest absorbing CoQ10 on the market that includes both water-soluble ubiquinol and fat-soulble ubiquinol in one capsule!

The highest rated beta glucan shown in independent research to be 7 times more effective than their closest competitor in immune response modulation!

The highest producing probiotic on the market incorporating double-encapsulation and Phage Technology allowing it to target and kill bad bacteria with the first and then the second capsule opens releasing the probiotics. This brand new method of delivering probiotics to the gut has shown to produce 4000% - 10000% more cfu’s or “colony forming units,” the good bacteria!

The highest absorbing Omega-3 on the market providing all three forms of Omega-3 fatty acids including the Triglyceride, Ethyl-Ester and Phospholipid forms!

The highest quality N-acetyl-l-cysteine or NAC which helps break the di-supfide bonds in mucus so it is easily coughed up and out of the lungs!

Lifes Fortune Vitamin and Mineral tablets absorb better than any other vitamin we have tested and contain enzymes for added internal energy!

Our Advanced Olive Leaf extract has the highest absorbing oleuropin on the market including Celery Seed Extract for added absorption!

Superior COPD Supplement Package 1 with Probiotics

Superior Supplement Package 1 with Probiotics - $217.86

COPD Supplement Package 1


Superior COPD Supplement Package 2 with Probiotics

Superior Supplement Package 2 with Probiotics - $238.52

COPD Supplement Package 2


Notice the only difference between the two packages is the addition of Olive Leaf Extract in the second package. You should get this package (Package 2) every 3rd or 4th month.

A Few Additional Supplements
There are supplements you will need each month in addition to the ones in the packages. We will provide you with a short list of links to sites where you can buy these supplements at the lowest prices. Most of them are available at a dollar or two above wholesale so it is not possible for us to save you any money by providing them to you in the packages.

Our Prices Are the Lowest!
Out of the 7 different products we offer in our packages, we beat the lowest price we could find on Amazon for 5 of the products by approximately $5 each ($25 total) and we matched the lowest price on the other 2.

Private COPD Recovery Discussion Groups
We sincerely hope you will give us your supplement business and as a Thank You, we will provide you with access to one of our Private COPD Recovery Discussion Groups and access to the author of the book, "How I Reversed My Mom's Emphysema".

They are similar to the COPD Focus Groups however, they do not require a 6 month supplement subscription or submission of any health related information.


There are two ways you can join the COPD Focus Group:

One Pay: $1232.15 The first is to pay for all 6 months of supplements at once and save money. You receive a package each month which include 4 months of the Superior Supplement Package 1, and 2 months of the Superior Supplement Package 2. Total cost would be $1357.14 if purchased separately. Your cost for this option is only $1232.15, a savings of $124.99. Click the button below for this option.


Subscription: $212.52 The other way is to sign up for the subscription which bills you for the same amount each month on the same date for 6 months. You don't save quite as much as with the One Pay option but it is cheaper than purchasing each package separately. Click the button below for this option. $212.52/month for 6 months.


Would you like more information on joining our COPD Focus Group? Click the link below:

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